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Qingdao Wantuming Biological Products Co., Ltd. has established a perfect quality management system based on CGMP and ISO 9001, Strengthened the management responsibilities of top managers, refined the quality policy and objectives, and adopted PDCA closed-loop management mode to form a customer-centered quality management system.Through the integration of purchasing, warehousing, production, equipment, quality control, documentation and other functional departments and resources, an efficient quality management system, including facilities and equipment system, material system, production system, quality control system and quality assurance system, which meets the requirements of modern GMP, has been established,providing a modern platform for the quality assurance of our products.


The company has professional experience and a high sense of responsibility of drug analysts to carry out daily analysis and testing work,detection capabilities and levels to meet the requirements of national pharmacopoeia and customers.The laboratory has the leading analytical instruments in the world, including high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, Fourier infrared spectrophotometer and automatic positioning titrator,which can meet the needs of various raw materials and products for production.

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